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The Bell is Ringing

~ where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty (2 Cor. 3:17)

“There’s a bell that is tolling and it seems distant in the land. But the angels of God hear it ring and the people of God whose ears are open to His sounds can hear that it rings again. And it is again the sound of liberty. And it is again the sound of freedom. And it is again the sound of the righteous arising to take up her cause. But the freedom that it rings and the freedom that it tolls and the freedom that it declares goes beyond the freedom of an earthly government and an earthly politic; it is the sound of heaven. It is the sound of the kingdom of God beginning to rise in all of the earth, and the sounds of heaven, the bells that begin to ring, will begin to ring and ring and ring until the fullness of God’s plan, until the fullness of His idea of the seat of heaven, the throne of God, be placed directly among the living, that Jesus would rule.

So you do well to look to His authority, you do well to look to His leadership. You do well to look to His lordship, for indeed the government is upon His shoulders. As you by faith draw upon Him as the Lord of all, His lordship will continue to manifest in this land, through every office of the land. So listen. Listen. Despite all the sounds around, despite the clamor, despite the sounds even of war, listen; for there is a bell that is ringing, and it is the bell of the Spirit, the bell of liberty, for where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Thank you, Jesus. Bless the Lord.”

The above was delivered by Terri Copeland Pearsons, September 17, 2008 during a special prayer service for the nation at EMIC’s Days of Refreshing Conference. 


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Watching on the Wall of the Outpouring – Lynne Hammond – January 1995

And so it is now, things are marked. They are denoted. They shall be remembered as “visitations.” For my people shall see clearer and shall begin to cry out to Me against self-indulgence, against self-dependence, against their own self ability. And surely as I visited the prophets of old, and there came a coal of fire that touched their mouths, so shall I touch my people.

I shall touch the pray-ers with the wind of My Spirit. A great wind shall blow upon them and they shall be hurled into new places in the Spirit, they shall mount guard a watchman, they shall be prompted and promoted into the place, the course, the plan that I have and shall be touched with the fire of the Refiner.

Things will begin to change for watchers. You must stand guard and watch upon the wall of the outpouring. The outpouring upon young men seeing visions as Joel spoke, the outpouring of old men dreaming dreams, the gifts to be poured upon them.

It’s not a time to shrink back or look behind at what was naturally, but to rise up and look forward to what is to be “In The Spirit.” Keep your heart there “In The Spirit.” Watch from that place – for you know “In The Spirit” there is a God-consciousness that comes; and when I come in power and glory, you shall surely know for it will be different than anything that you have known before or could know. It is beyond anything you could think.

And if the watchers will watch upon the wall of the outpouring, it will gain momentum. It will gain more fire, more wind, and shall blow as a hurricane on the day of Pentecost in the upper room. It will blow first upon pray-ers that will obey.

Do not be concerned about your nation, for My eye is upon it now. You’ll begin to call upon the name of the Lord concerning the leaders of your nations and I’ll turn some things.

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