On Friday, January 20th, 2017, the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump was sworn in. This election has had the attention of the world, the country, the press, the liberals, the conservatives, but most importantly, the body of Christ. It began with more candidates who are self-identified Christians openly proclaiming relationship with Jesus than ever before in modern American history, but after a year and a half of the most unconventional campaign in living memory, God’s choice became clear, I want that one.

I want the one who will upend everything, who will drive out the things that offend Me. It was conventional wisdom that allowed this country to come to this point and conventional ways will not bring it back to Me. I am not conventional. So, do not underestimate what I can do, will do, and am doing, or the way in which I will do it. All things will be brought together in My eternal plan.  So, learn to better recognize and cooperate with Me and all things in your life will come into My plan for you.

It’s no surprise that the scriptures instruct us in 1 Timothy 2:1 First of all brethren, first of all, I admonish you, I urge you that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgivings be offered on behalf of all men. So, our first and foremost purpose is all the men of the world, for this is the foremost purpose of God. The initial way to reach and touch all the men on planet earth is to pray for kings and all who are in positions of authority, or high responsibility, that outwardly, we may pass a quiet and undisturbed life, and inwardly a peaceable one in all godliness, reverence and seriousness in every way. For such praying is good and right and it’s pleasing and acceptable to God, our Savior who wishes all men to be saved, and increasingly to perceive and recognize and know the truth. For there is only one God and only one mediator between God and men, the man, Jesus Christ.

As we lift our nation, our new president and his administration to the Lord, we can expect a response for our nation, but also for our own lives, and that the striving, the strife, the debates, the concerns, the problems and the issues will be swallowed up inwardly and outwardly by the peace of God.

As we pray for the king¾meaning the one at the top¾and for all those leaders who follow beneath him, we can expect the love of God to be released as we pray in love. As we pray for our leaders in the love of God, no matter our differences of opinions, thoughts or political associations (but rather we do what the Bible has commanded which is to love and to pray) as we do so, then the hate, the divisions and the strife that have tried to destroy this land from within will be swallowed up in the love of God.

So, as you see pictures of our newly elected president and vice president, let the love of God that is in your heart by the Holy Ghost reach out to them, reach out and surround them with great intent and purpose that the love of God and all that God is, is making Him available to these men and all who will serve under him.

Let’s Pray:

Father, in the Name of Jesus, we lift up to You our newly elected President Donald John Trump. We hold him up to You, Lord, that You take hold of the course of his life, that You would equip him, Lord, with everything necessary to fulfill the call, the mission, the assignment that You have on him. That You have, Lord, presented and brought to him the Word of God, the Living Word, and that, Father, it comes to him, and it quickens him. Even in the night, it will speak to him and that the very Father, the God of his father and his mother will speak to him.

We thank you, Lord, for a supply of the Holy Spirit, the Counsel, the insight, the wisdom, the understanding that only the Spirit of God can supply and we ask you, Father, for an abundant supply which we make that supply available now by our prayers. We pray Lord for the wisdom of God not the wisdom of men, that the wisdom and counsel of the Almighty, the wisdom and the counsel upon which all foundations of the earth and all the universe were established, the foundation upon which time, functions, and upon which the ages are laid in the name of Jesus, we thank you Lord that wisdom comes to him. He recognizes it, embraces it, and calls wisdom his sister and his friend. We pray Lord for courage not only the courage of natural personality, we thank you for that, Lord, but we are asking for courage and boldness to do what he sees You to do that Lord as he encounters new ways and things of the Spirit that he has not known before that he’ll not reject them but embrace them and boldly walk out on the authority of the Word of God and by the witness of the Holy Spirit within him.

We pray Lord for his strength, his strength of spirit, his strength of soul, his strength of character, his strength in You and that he would draw his strength, Lord, from his union with You and that the grace of God would equip him and enable him to know, and recognize that grace and embrace it with his whole heart and that his faith, Lord, would be strengthened every day and that Lord, you would draw him to your Word and draw him to Your counsel. And that Lord as you have brought him into this office that Lord, you will not leave him as he was but he will continually be transformed into the likeness and the image of Jesus that you have called him to be.

We pray for his health. We pray, Lord, that he remains strong in body, strong in mind, and that Lord his health that it would, it would be established and then speedily, speedily come to him and that there be no weapon formed against him, in his body or his mind that would prosper and that he has divine protection by the Holy Spirit, and because of the Word of God and by the effectiveness of our prayers that he stays healthy and well and strong.

We thank you Lord, that he has vision. Lord, not his own vision or the vision of his own making but Lord the vision that you’ve put in his heart for this nation, the vision that you put in his heart for all the world, the vision that you put in his heart for all of mankind, in Jesus name and that his eyes see clearly. The eyes of his spirit, the eyes of his soul, and the eyes of his imagination, all be merged, Lord, with the eyes of your Spirit. We thank you Lord for the favor that goes before him as a shield. We thank you Sir, that that favor causes even his enemies to be at peace with him, that favor that brings the road up to meet his feet and the mountains to move out of his path. We thank you Father that favor comforts him and sooths him and gives him peace and knowing full well that he had heard the direction of the Good Shepherd and he will not follow the voice of a stranger but he recognizes the counsel of the Most High and follows Jesus who leads him in the way that he should go. We thank you for that, Lord.

We pray that he has a heart that will yield easily to You and that he will recognize You in all the counselors that You send to him. Lord, in Jesus name, we arrest any spirit, human or demonic of any kind that would try to interrupt or stop the flow of godly counsel and wisdom, counsel of scripture and counsel of advice, Lord that comes from the council seats of heaven that Lord there will be no interruption, no interference, no blocking in the name of Jesus but we say Lord that You surround him Lord. You surround him, Lord, with godly counsel, men and women of every diverse parts of the body of Christ, that you surround him Lord with those who are called and anointed by the Holy Spirit to speak to him, and Lord to help influence him according to Your Will and not their own, in the Name of Jesus.

We stand in the gap against all accusers, human or demonic sent to divide or to destroy, to divide him from you, to divide him and his family, or to divide him and his counselors, and to divide him from Your purpose or to divide him from the American people, and to divide him in the course of your plan in the Name of Jesus. We stand in the gap. The gap,  Lord, we stand as warriors of faith, warriors of the Body of Christ, warriors, Lord, who are armed, with the army of God, the armor of our warfare, the helmet of our salvation, the breastplate of our righteousness, and his which is found in Jesus Christ, the seals of faith. Our feet are standing in the gospel, the good news of peace and the division of this land will come to nothing and we will come, Lord, together in a body politic as our fore founders said a body politic unified under the purpose of the Almighty and we thank You for it.

We pray for his family, for Melania, for Donald Jr., for Ivanka, for Eric, Tiffany and Barron. We pray, Lord, for their protection in the Name of Jesus. There will come no harm unto them in the Name of Jesus , no harm, no harm, no harm, no harm, and their future will not be thwarted –that your plan for them will not be thwarted– but rather they will come more fully into the plan that you have laid out for each and every one of them, for their spouses, and for those, their children and their family.

Now Lord we lift up to you, Michael Pence, our newly elected vice president, in the Name of Jesus. Lord, as we have lifted our president, we lift our vice president to You, that You would equip him with the Word of God. We thank you Lord that he has been long in your council, long in your Word, long in the Holy Spirit and he understands things of the Spirit.

He understands the realms Lord, that most of us are very unfamiliar with but he knows how to operate both in the Spirit and in the political realm that he’s been assigned to and we thank you Father that that Word will speak to him and the Holy Spirit will guide him and wisdom will be his sister and his brother and his friend, that he will have courage to say what the Spirit of God says to him in his heart, that he will be strengthened in his inner man by the Holy Ghost in the Name of Jesus and his health will speed forth. Lord, it will leap forth speedily, in the Name of Jesus and that you give him vision: vision for his office, vision for the nation, vision for the church, that Lord that he can see by the Holy Spirit things that are coming and he is prepared. He is prepared as one who is called alongside to help President Trump. He is prepared as one called alongside to help the nation. One called alongside to be a worker of the Spirit of God. We thank you for clarity. We thank you for favor with the congress. We thank you, Sir, that in his position he is anointed.

We pray for his wife Karen, and his children, Audrey, Michael, and Charlotte. That, Lord, everything you have for them and your plan for them will abound. Abound. Abound. And that they will find levels of prosperity that they’ve never understood or known before. Lord, we pray in the Name of Jesus for the union between the Trumps and the Pence’s families. We thank you for union of anointings between Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence. We thank you Father that you will work through them, Lord, and in a prophetic way the manner in which that you will be drawing this nation back together. Yes Lord, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty, with justice for all, not our decision not our decree determined idea of liberty or justice but the liberty and justice that comes from the Word of God and the Spirit of God. Hallelujah. We thank you, Lord, that they are equipped to bring us to that foundation of Spirit and in Truth. And we thank you for it, in the Name of Jesus.

And why Lord? Why? Why do we desire these things? Why do we pray these things? Why does it matter to us? Oh Lord, because we want to see more of you! We want to see manifestations of God in our land, manifestations of God in our churches, manifestations of the glorious gospel demonstrated, Lord, so that all the world will see the Goodness of God, the Mercies of God and all the world will recognize that indeed it is the Glory of the Lord that rests upon the United States of America. And it’s in faith today that we declare the Glory of the Lord rests upon this nation like it never has before.