A Deeper Understanding of Praying in the Spirit




Prayer—sometimes it’s a powerful, soul-stirring, life-changing experience. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it moves mountains, changes circumstances and brings heaven to earth. Sometimes it doesn’t. Why is that? Because sometimes we’re praying “in the spirit”…and sometimes we’re not.

In this six-message series by Terri Copeland Pearsons, you’ll get a deeper revelation of what it truly means to pray in the spirit. And you’ll learn how the Holy Spirit can help you hit the mark in prayer every single time. You’ll also discover:

    • How to gain daily wisdom and understanding from God through spirit-led prayer
    • How praying in tongues relieves pressure and releases creativity
    • How to be spirit-led in everything you do—from taking control of your finances to building your relationships

Praying in the Spirit is a major key to releasing the power of God in your life.

By Terri Copeland Pearsons

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6 messages on 6 CDs -$30

MP3 Disc-$18

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