Letting Him Lead CD Series




Steps, formulas, outlines and prayer books. There’s a lot of good information around that tells you how to pray.

But the truth is, the only One who can help you pray just the right way…at just the right time…is the Holy Spirit Himself. So the best thing you can learn to do is follow Him! And this three-CD series by Terri Copeland Pearsons will help you do exactly that. You’ll find out:

  • How to put aside man-made ideas and connect with the Holy Spirit instead
  • How to pray from your heart—and not just your head
  • How to listen to God’s voice and know that you hear Him
  • How to use God’s Word to fuel your prayers

Don’t wander around in prayer, wondering which way to turn. Learn to follow the Holy Spirit. He’ll get you where you need to go. Learn to let Him lead!

4 Messages on 3 CDs

Teaching on Compact Disc

By Terri Copeland Pearsons