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A Prayer for Our Nation

By April 11, 2016July 19th, 2016Prayer, Updates

And God spoke for all to hear so today we are praying in the Name of Jesus. We are believing that the heaven is open, and the Spirit is descending and God is speaking in the ears of all the nations and the ears of the church of the Living God so they will hear.

According to the Word, the Bible says that the Word was in the beginning. God spoke and He spoke light unto the darkness so today we are speaking light into the Body of Jesus. God spoke into the darkness and we are speaking light imitating our Father. We are speaking light because we say what we hear Him say.

We speak to the church. We speak to America. We say awake oh sleeper, its time! It’s high time for you to awake out of your sleep and let Jesus Christ, the Anointed One, shine upon you. Awake out of your sleep. Lift up your heads and be lifted up so that the King of Glory may come in.

Who is this King of Glory? He is the Lord. He is Strong! He is Mighty! He is Jesus! We thank you, Lord, that the church of the living God wakens and pays attention to the Word of the Lord and sees the Word as a lamp in a dark place. Let the Morningstar arise in your hearts. We pray Lord …oh and understand…and have light to know that Jesus, the Greater One, is in us and that He is the Hope of Glory for this nation and further, we will follow the command of Jesus and HAVE FAITH IN GOD!

When darkness is all around us, what are we going to do? We’ll have faith in God!

When the media reports and says this is a nation divided, we will have faith in God!

When it looks like all is falling apart, we will have faith in God!

When there is crisis around us, what will we do? We will have faith in God!

When there’s fighting in the streets, we will have faith in God!

We WILL have the petitions that we pray for. We will have the requests that we make. And God HAS heard our prayers. And by faith we believe that we receive the things we pray for.

By faith, we have an Awakening in this nation! By faith, we have a move of God across this nation. By faith, we are one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, with justice! The justice of God for all people in Jesus’ Name. Hallelujah, amen!

–Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons prayer from United Cry live from Washington DC, April 9, 2016.