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A Call for Holiness: Living Empowered by His Grace

By September 13, 2018Prophecies

God is wanting to dwell among His people. God is wanting to dwell among His people. He wants to reside where His Name is. Hallelujah. He wants to reside where His Name is—In His Name, in His Name, in His Name.

Oh, where we go forth in His Name, He GOES! Hallelujah. What we declare in His Name, He does. What we speak in His Name, He confirms. Oh, we’re called by His Name. And what name do they call you by? What name do they call you by? What name are you willing to be called by? We have to answer it. We have to answer it. What name are we willing to be called by?

You can be called by a name because it’s given to you, but until you are called by that name because it’s what you are recognized to be, then it’s only a label. And you’re given a name and not a number. But you’re given a name so that you know who you are.

Are you willing to be called holy even as He is holy? Oh, are you? Are you? Are you? Are you willing to shut your eyes at what God would not see? Are you willing to turn your back on what God does not have? Are you willing to refuse to put into your mouth the things that Jesus would not put in His mouth and are you ready to not put out your mouth what He would not put out His?

If you’re willing then the Spirit of the living God would say to me, I will show you. I will show you and some of you will not like what you will see. Some of you will cringe and harden and stiffen at the thought of what you must withdraw of. Some of you will rebel and resist that because you don’t understand and you can’t see why I have to let go of that. What difference does that make?

But if you want to be called by My Name, then you must be what I am. You must first be what I am. And I am first holy.
Love is holy. Love is pure. Love is pure. Love is pure. You want your faith to work, your love must work. But it is first pure. Love is pure. Love is pure.

And you weaken and contaminate and water down and compromise your love by the things that you see, the words that you speak, the things that you hear and most of all the things that you do. Compromise it. Compromise who you are. You compromise My Name.

The Scripture says that they were called Christians. They didn’t name themselves. They were called Christians because that’s who they were. Christ-persons, anointed ones. Presence of God. Like unto Him. For they went about doing, saying, seeing and being willing, willing, searching, seeking.

I’ve heard so many of My people say, “Yes, I would like that. Yes, I want that. Oh, God, send forth the power just now. Oh God, bring forth the miracles now. Oh, God, that we would see you.”

But yet, all that they are doing is asking and they spend no time being. They spend no time seeking.

Seeking is more than an asking. You must seek and to seek is to look within yourself and to throw away everything else until you find what you look for. When you search through a drawer and you’re looking for that one thing, you’ll throw everything out of the way till you find what you need. Especially if you need it now. Especially if you need it in a hurry. Especially if you’re desperate to get it now. Everything else has to go.

I’m really tired of you deciding what’s good and what’s bad. I’m really tired of My people deciding, “Well, that’s okay and that’s not.” I’m tired of that, saith the Lord, because I have already decided what is good and what’s not. I am good! And if it does not proceed from Me, then it is bad.

“Not me, Lord. Not me. I wouldn’t do that, Lord. It’s not me. Why, Lord, I don’t sin. I don’t do those things, Lord. I would never reject You. I would never push You away.”

Anything that comes between you and My voice, I want nothing to do with it. It’s not from Me.

There are some that even allow the things, the good things of their life, some things that I’ve told them to do, some things I’ve given to them. But their attention becomes so focused on that apart from Me that I’m left out again. And I’m tired of it, saith the Lord. I’m tired of the world and the devil having more of the churches attention that I do.

Now, understand that it gives Me great pleasure to be able to speak these things to you. Not all would even hear My voice in this way. Not all would deliver My voice this way. Not all would receive My voice this way. But you delight Me, saith the Lord.

Recall what the Word says, “The Lord chastens those whom He loves.” And you allow My love because you allow My chastening.

And so, in the next few days, you shall see the jealousy of your God. You shall see and you shall know. Be watching. Be listening. They aren’t harsh words. But if you’ll listen to My voice, if you’ll listen for My voice and when you hear by that nudge, when you hear by the unction and the little notification in you spirit, these are things to let go of. These are the things to stop. These are the things to abandon, to release, and to turn your back on. Some things are even to be left alone just for a time. But don’t premeditate that.

But if you’ll listen for that unction and allow the Spirit of God to make you aware of His delight and His pleasure and the things that do not bring His delight and His pleasure, and just make the slightest effort, just make the slightest move towards obedience, and you will experience a surge of the power of God and His grace which will enable you to stand firm against whatever it is you need to. I will quickly bring you to a higher place. I will quickly bring you to a greater understanding. I will quickly bring you to encounters with Me because I long for you.

These are the days of a greater outpouring of My grace, saith the Lord, and as you see in the Scriptures, you’ll see that there are many graces.

This is a time for great grace. Great grace, saith the Lord, great grace.

What is My grace? Ha! My grace is a river of My heart to you, empowering you, equipping you, enabling you to be what I’ve named you to be. And whatever you dare, whatever you dare to have spiritual strength enough to step out into, I am there to provide.

It comes to Me, it comes to Me, it comes to Me. The river comes to Me. I see the river, the River of Jordan, and I see the foot of the faithful who approach the mighty rushing waters of the Jordan. The Jordan always represents a crossing over. The Jordan always represents leaving one life behind and crossing to another. It always represents a decision, a hard decision and one that would seem impossible to cross.

Now I’m calling for many things, saith the Lord. I’m calling for many things. I’m calling, I’m calling for some tremendous decisions, challenges. I’m calling for things that would see to be too difficult, that would seem to be to ask too much.

But as you face that River Jordan, understand that the Promised Land is on the other side and I’ve never, ever left anyone to cross that river alone. NEVER! But just with a foot of faith, step towards that decision and I will part the river and I’ll bring you across on dry land by My Spirit. Not by your power nor by your might, but by My Spirit.

But don’t wait and don’t misunderstand and think that because I have promised you these things that I will be there to force you or to move for you. For the Spirit of grace is sent to help, is sent to assist, not to control.

Understand however, that His assistance is far greater and more than any assistance that you have received from any man. And it goes beyond your ability to define what assistance would be. Really, all I need from you is your cooperation. Really, all I need from you is your yielding and your allowing Me. So that even when I take control, it’s not total control, it’s still cooperation. For I move and direct and stir only where I’m allowed.

Do you understand these things?

But all of that other has to go because it stands between Me and you and I am a jealous God, and I am ready to display My jealousy to you and to let you know how jealous for you I am. And in the days to come, it shall be more and more and more clear to you what is of Me and what is not.

And sometimes, moment by moment, you will be faced with a decision. And the decision you make will be, in essence, you’ll be choosing Me or the thing that I have shown you is not of Me. You’ll be faced with choosing between Me and the desire or your flesh and the reasoning of your mind and way that it’s always been.

It’s in My jealousy that I shall call you home, for I want you for Myself. Even as a parent longs for have their child home. Even as a parent longs to have all the family together, I long that way with a longing that you cannot even begin to understand. For I have waited and I have been patient. I need not imagine what it will be like, I know what it will be like. And I live with that knowing every moment every day. Waiting and longing for the family to be with Me.

And by the thousands I’m rejected, refused, pushed away, looked over, bypassed for the sake of some momentary flight of pleasure.

Yes, there is a….there is a move, there is a presence and there is a glory to be had among My people, but for that to come there must first be a searching of the God that is within you. You must search to find God that is within you first.

You lift your heart up, the presence of God shall come down. But for some, oh, for many, they don’t know where their heart is. Oh, for many they don’t even know how to find their heart, would not know their hearts from their heads. So, they look for Me in their heads, and they look for Me in reasonings, and they look for Me in thoughts and in suggestions.

But their thoughts and their thinking and those suggestions and reasoning are so influenced by the muddy waters of the world, so affected, so tainted, so tinted that they cannot see Me clearly, they don’t know Me clearly. And whatever brush with their hearts that they might have, they think that that is a great realm of glory.

But I am telling you that there is a realm. There is a place that you can stand in with Me, saith the Lord. There is a place that you can stand face to face with Me, saith God. I am ready. I am ready. I am ready.

– Prophecy through Pastor Terri Pearsons on Wednesday, July 9, 1997 at Eagle Mountain International Church