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Crossover of the Age

By June 26, 2023Prophecies

You need to understand where you are in the timeline of things. You are quickly moving and approaching the crossover of the age. It’s not a mark in time. It’s a crossover in time, and as you come closer to that point from the age that you’re in, you’ll begin to see into the age that is to come. As you get closer to it, you’ll see more. You’ll know more. Some things you’ll recognize that’s what they are. Other times, you won’t realize that’s what it is, but it is.

Words from Heaven

There are many things that are involved in the crossover of the ages. One thing is the work of angels. Remember, Jesus’ arrival into the earth was the beginning of the crossover of that age into this one. And it was accompanied by angels making declaration, speaking words from heaven that opened doors and made way.

It was continued then by the Prophet John the Baptist, as he began to speak and to preach. And he carried within him the anointing to deliver words, to deliver God’s message to this group, that group, that group, this group. And in all of those words, words, words, it brought the close of one age further along and the coming of the next age closer in. And it prepared the bridge from the age that was, to the age that was to come—the highway, that the scripture calls the way for the Lord.

Accompaniment of Angels

So, you are at the time for the crossover of that age, and the pattern has been set, and it is indeed the same. There is accompaniment of angels at work to do what I’ve assigned them to do, saith the Lord, and yet they are still hearkening, and listening for commands from the Church. The scripture says, in Ephesians, that the many-sided wisdom of God is to be revealed to the Church, through the Church, to angelic rulers and authorities. There are angels who have authority over the ages. Angels who have authority to work within dispensations of time, but revelation of their assignment and release to do what they are called and assigned to do is destined to come through the Church. And I have orchestrated that. I move upon that, and I am moving in the Church to accomplish the crossover of the age as I’ve designed it to be.

Pulling Back the Veil

So, this morning when you sang, this morning when you saw into heaven and the veil was pulled back and you saw—it was angels who pulled the veil back. It’s angels who moved the veil away. It’s angels who begin to cause our eyes to see into an age that we’ve known so little about. But, as you sang of the forevermore, as you sang, in the presence of holiness, as you sang to the honor and to the glory of the King, you were working with Me, saith the Lord.

As you reached into that age, you authorized angels beyond this place. You authorized angels over the ages and the times, angels at work, in your life, in the nations, authorities, powers. You’re most familiar with demons over kingdoms, principalities, powers, rulers. But I have angels in assignment who operate and work My good will and My good pleasure where nations are concerned. Remember Egypt and the Exodus was my angels.

Tapping Into the Realms of the Spirit

So be conscious, be aware and purpose in your heart to be listening. But don’t try in your own flesh or your own way to make something happen. Just follow Him—Jesus. And these times of reaching over, you’ll become more and more aware of them. There’ll be other times that you don’t even realize it, but you are tapping into the things of the heavenlies, you are tapping into things, reaching deeper and further and further and further into the things and the realms of the Spirit. The more you reach there, the more you’ll see and know and carry back with you into this realm. And that seed that you got, the piece of that age that you took hold of—will show up, and it will spread and multiply and grow and grow and grow. So when the time comes, when the sound of the trumpet blasts, there will be so many vast numbers that will be affected and look to Him, be caught up with Him, and together we cross over into that age. Hallelujah.

Reaching Into the Coming Dispensation

You know, Abraham did that. He reached over into our dispensation. The Bible said by faith he reached in, and righteousness was accounted to him. He got something that he wasn’t even supposed to be able to get, but he did. Hallelujah! That’s what we’re doing. And when he did that, when he reached and got hold of that, it drew Jesus in this direction. Hallelujah! Amen, amen, amen!

– Word of the Lord through Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons, Eagle Mountain International Church, Sunday, July 28, 2019