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Holocaust Remembrance Day

By January 25, 2017March 14th, 2024Articles, Israel

January 27 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Some say it is a day Jews remember the Nazi murder of 6 million Jewish lives during World War ll. But really, it is a day for the rest of the world to remember and learn from the past. Even after 79 years it is rare to find a Jewish family anywhere in the world that doesn’t still live with the impact.

While the Holocaust is a tale of horrors, it is also a stunning contrast to the power of God’s Covenant. God promised to bring them out of their graves back into their homeland and He did just that! Check out this article on 10 Prophecies Fulfilled in 1948.

This year Israel celebrates her 76th year as a reborn nation–a nation that stands among the greats of the world in technologies, agriculture, education, military readiness and, most especially, humanitarian aid. They are again, and forever will be, God’s nation of light to the world. To deny this is to partner with the devil himself. He alone could be so blinded by his own darkness to think he could ever destroy what God has declared to be eternal! But he is once again stirring those dark embers of hate and setting nations on fire once again to destroy the Jews.

On October 7th, 2023, Hamas terrorists purposefully slaughtered 1,400 people, mostly civilians, in their homes or at a music festival. They abducted 240 innocent men, women and children, and over 7,000 were injured. Israel is still fighting to protect its people and nation.

“Never Again” is a cry to remember the atrocities of the Holocaust and now to also not look away from the stark horror of October 7th—and stand against antisemitism. Never forget those murdered simply for being Jews.

Today, any day, every day, we stand boldly with our Jewish brothers against all anti-Semitic language, politics, sanctions or attitudes. In the face of rising antisemitism, we pray for the Jews as we would pray for ourselves. We support Israel the land, and Israel the people. We show honor this day to the courage and faith of this most remarkable people. L’chaim!

That was then.

This is now!

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