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Israel 2012 Update-Exploring Fortress Masada and the cave of the Dead Sea Scrolls

By March 21, 2012July 19th, 2016Israel, Updates

The story of Masada is very powerful and worth a quick check on the
Internet. 965  Jewish men, women, children rebelling against Rome fled
to Masada and held out there for a few years.
The story ends after the destruction of Jerusalem when instead of them
being taken as slaves, they killed themselves as martyrs.

This is a mosaic floor from a living quarter.

When the Jews decided to die instead of become slaves, they drew lots
to see who would be chosen to kill the next to last man and then fall
on his own sword.

They found the actual stone pieces with the names of the men who drew lots.

This is a Roman bath house on Masada built by Herod 70 years before
the Jews came here. They would burn wood that would heat those pillars
which would heat the floor tiles and the wall tiles. Ingenious.

This is a stove area. Everyone was impressed with how pretty the wall
colors were. Proof styles come around again–even after 2,000 years!

Look close for the triangle-shaped opening in the cliff. This is the
cave where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. They are the oldest copy
of Isaiah in existence. Also worth a quick Google