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2011 Israel Report

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Oh my, what a privilege to pray for Israel in the land of Israel. A rabbi there told us that the downside of coming to Israel is that afterwards you can’t really explain the experience. It just simply changes you. How are there enough words for walking around in & touching fulfilled prophecy that CONTINUES to unfold? Enjoy my March 28 blog below. I have pictures to share under the Media tab and on Facebook! Plus some feedback from my team below. You can also check out Sister Billye Brim’s blog about the trip at
I pray that the Lord puts Israel in your heart as only He can.

Blessings and shalom!


March 28, 2011 Report from Israel

Today we went up to Elon Moreh—way up—with Sister Billye Brim. There is a small community of Jews here that have come back as the Bible says to the mountains of Samaria. Imagine living just feet from the oak tree where God met with Abraham (Gen. 12:6) and told him that He was going to give him and his posterity this land. The tree you see here has been recorded in drawings for hundreds and hundreds of years. It could be from the root of the same tree Abraham sat under.

But then, if God came and sat under a tree it could live for thousands of years. Maybe it is THE VERY TREE! We report—you decide! After some teaching from Sister Brim, we began to pray. My favorite part was when we shouted down the mountain to the Arab communities below “We love you!” I don’t know if they could hear us. Probably not! There were prayers being broadcast over the mosque loudspeakers, but hear our words or not, love never fails!

Ariel has 18,000 full time residents and 12,000 students at university. It serves the entire vast region in education, culture, medical research, medical services and hope. It sits in the middle of the waistline of Israel which is only 50 miles wide. If it were not here a rocket post could easily be set up and fire rockets which could reach so many major populated areas that it would be devastating. Ariel provides work as well as many basic services to surrounding Arab communities. Yet they are always at risk of attack. There are black floor spots that are actually holes remaining after two separate suicide bomb attacks on the hotel we are in tonight. The husband wife owner team both survived the two attacks. They attribute it to the prayers of Billye and so many christian friends. We–YOU– matter here!!

One of the first things we did upon entering Ariel today was visit the Holocaust and Hero Memorial Museum. This is an unusual museum in that it is run by two survivors. There was a wall of pictures that filled one room. I took many pictures of those pictures. I am posting some of the ones that moved me most. They are hard to look at, but as Billye says, “You should look at them.” Maybe you’ve seen some of them, or some like them before. But when you have the chance to look survivors in the eyes while they are pointing at the pictures from concentration camps, it takes on a different sense. Yaakov (Jacob) Vadislavsky, the man lived in a pit for eight months after escaping from a concentration camp. The pit was about 6×9 ft., as I understand it, with three other people. They did not leave that hole the entire time. A Catholic family brought them food. They were liberated by the Russian army.

Tell your children about this awful period in history lest they allow it to happen again. We must remember it ourselves for the same reason.

Also on our first full day in the Holy land, we went to Ariel’s new cultural center. This has taken twenty years to build. Yes, 20!! Why? Politics! Our presidents and state department have demanded no building in the “West Bank” so it would start and then stop. Whew! Take note of two of the major donors that made this wonderful facility possible. If you support CUFI or Migdal, you have had a part in this. Jesus is pleased. I am sure of this. Blessings and shalom!



“‘Welcome Home’ was said to me at least a dozen times during our trip to Israel – & yes, it was my first time. The Jewish people were warm & kind. There was a sense that we had made the right decision to come to this land that God so loves, inhabited by the people He also so loves. It was easy to fall in love with people of such passion for God, for the land & the nation He gave them.

I saw the hand of the Lord first hand on a nation prospering under His blessing. The trees, the flowers, the vineyards, the fruits, the vegetables were evidences of His involvement in this country – beautiful. The life, the love, the devotion of His people spoke to me in every moment. I am grateful!”


A Spirit-Led Tour is what the Father gave us! The presence of God was so evident in so many places. Dr. Billye Brim taught by the Spirit.

Visiting Ariel stands out in my heart for three reasons: 1) The two suicide bomber survivors who ran our hotel shared about the hand of God protecting them both & using the husband to protect over 100 Israeli soldiers 2) The museum where the Holocaust survivors shared their stories with us 3) Watching the planting of vines in Samaria by a pastor from my hometown and Sister Lynne Hammond’s grandson, fulfilling prophesy (Jer. 31.) This was just the first day & it was “TOV” meaning “Good!”

While sitting in the Garden of Gethsemane with Dr. Billye teaching, the Holy Spirit spoke and divine revelations came as clear as the beautiful day. May I emphasize “SPIRIT-Led Israel Tour”? Even our guide spoke from his heart which witnessed with our hearts.

Another precious moment was at MIGDAL – we stood where the Migdal Arbel Prayer & Study Center will be. The Lucy McKee Prayer Tower sealed it for me! My heart was full because I was reminded of how years ago in “Prayer School” we prayed out what Sister Billye shared about Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks. This was that same spirit of faith! I saw! I stood! I rejoiced! That was my moment of assurance of how to walk out this plan in the spirit.

From that point on, the Holy Spirit whispered in my ear constantly. That’s how I got baptized 36 years after becoming a Christian! HIS plan. HIS purpose. HIS pursuits. We must tell what we saw, what we know and how HIS Plan shall come to pass. The key is “SPIRIT LED.” This is coming to pass and we must all find within our hearts our place. As Christians, we all love Israel if we love GOD’s Word, but do we love Israel when we pray, when we vote, when we stand? Let’s follow HIS leading closely, watch and pray.


Check out Scott Allen’s reflective feelings and thoughts on our recent trip to Israel, then share them with your friends:


The sense of Jesus’ soon return was so strong on our Israel Tour. A while ago God told Pastor Terri to pray in the light of the Lord’s return. She shared how the Lord has been coming back ever since He left. His arrival is a set time but His coming is progressive. The pace is picking up for His arrival! We’re watching prophecy unfold as ancient nations rise against Israel & a growing global mindset sets the stage for the anti-Christ.

In Israel, I saw the anointing come upon rabbis as they shared the Word with our team. I saw the Blessing of God in action in the land’s abundance. There was such beauty in the Jewish people – full of compassion and mercy for people bent on their destruction, so conscious of God’s faithfulness and His Word, and filled with determined purpose and perseverance to see God’s prosperity for all in this land of Israel He gave to them. What a stark contrast their attitude is to other nations in the region. Israel is the apple of God’s eye.”

ONE SPECIAL MOMENT was our time in the Golan Heights where Rani Levy shared of Brigadier General Kahalani and the 77th Armed Tank Brigade’s victory in holding back the Syrian army during the Yom Kippur War. In recent years, Kahlani was recounting this victory to a group of students visiting the Valley of Tears. At the end of his speech, he told the students he had a gift for them. From a canister, he pulled out a flag of the State of Israel – his gift to them was Israel. He, other men and women, now old, all fought for Israel’s freedom. He asked the students the question “I am now too old to defend you. If our enemies attack, will you now defend me?” We each have our part in supporting Israel. We must stand with God’s Chosen People. The spirit of the world cries out for all to turn against her. Whose side will you stand on?”



“There is not just one thing that I can point to as most impactful – rather it was seeing prophecy in motion. Seeing the land so productive & the people back in the land is Ezekiel 36 and 37 right before our eyes. We heard Sister Billye Brim explaining the scriptures as we sat in Biblical places – it doesn’t get any better than that! Daily we are seeing nations lining up in their prophetic places.”