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Prayer for the Awakening

By July 8, 2020Articles, Prayer

Prayer for an Awakening unto God 
in the Church and in America 
by Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons

This is a call for believers in the Lord Jesus to come together to pray for an awakening unto God in America.

For corporate prayer to operate at its optimum, we must be focused on the same objectives, the same scriptures. We are already led by the same Holy Spirit! This is where the prayer of agreement shines its brightest. “If two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:19-20). More than once in our nation’s history, we have seen the move of the Holy Spirit sweep across the land. The first Great Awakening produced the Revolution that won America’s independence. We need another Awakening that will free our nation from the tyranny of sin and godlessness.


An awakening in the Church will result in an awakening in the nations. America belongs to the Church. She was set aside for the purpose of bringing the Gospel to the world. We are at the helm of this great ship. If the church is barely saved, how could the nation be anything different? As the Church goes, so goes the nation. Too many ministers have one or both feet in the world. As long as Christians will vote their own pocket book before voting to stop the killing of the unborn, there is idolatry in the camp. Nothing trumps righteousness. Not economics, not race, not gender, and certainly not any pleasure of the flesh that goes against the Word of God. What about those that are walking upright before Him already? His mercies are new every morning, so there is always something more to awaken to! He loves His Body and will be quick to move as we lift her to Him in faith.


Lord, we lift all the saints before You and intercede on their behalf. They are Your little ones whom You love so much. We pray for them, Lord, that they once again hear Your voice and obey. We pray that they would come into oneness in the faith and reach the full stature of Christ, Himself, edified and built up in love. We pray for a manifestation of the sons of God in the earth! We pray that the Bride of Christ be washed with the water of the Word and be ready for the coming of the Lord!

Now, Lord, we speak to The Church, the precious Body of Christ in the earth, and say “Wake, O Sleeper!” Get away from the dead, and Christ – the Anointed One – will make day dawn upon you and give you light. We believe you once again look carefully how you walk! Live purposefully, worthily and wise in the Lord! Awake to righteousness! Awake to holiness! Awake to Him Who died for you! Awake to Him Who ever lives for you! Awaken to the will of the Lord and no longer be drunk with wine; but be filled with the Holy Spirit! Be filled with the Word of God! Be filled with the Glory of the Lord! Saints, turn from all wicked ways, humble yourselves before the Lord, pray and return fully to your first Love. In Jesus’ Name!

As we pray in the Spirit today, Lord, may there a supply of the Spirit that strengthens every believer in their inner man by the Holy Spirit.

Scripture References:
John 10:4; Ephesians 3:16; 4:13; 5:14-18, 26; 1 Corinthians 15:34; 2 Chronicles 7:14


Everyone needs prayer, but there are many, maybe millions, who are without anyone to personally pray for them. Without our prayers, satan has too much freedom to drag their lives into darkness. While we have a few scriptures listed here, give the Holy Spirit time to work through you in a greater way by also yielding to Him and praying in other tongues. He knows exactly what words to supply your spirit that will give the Father an open door to move in many lives.

In the Name of Jesus, Father, we lift to You all of America. Our hearts are united with Yours on behalf of each and every one. Lord, while we lift them all, You see each one individually. We pray for an awakening in each life. We pray that the eyes of their understanding be enlightened to know You and the hope to which You have called them. Anyone who does not know You has been blinded but You are light. You said you would lead the blind in a way that they don’t know and make darkness into light before them. You said you will not leave them forsaken. We pray that as that light shines brightly in their lives, they won’t turn away from it. Like the early morning sun, shining through the window, Lord, awaken them to Your mercies! Stir them! Shake them! We pray they will have eyes to see and ears to hear. Send laborers across their path – people they will hear and who are anointed to speak into their lives. Let there be such a move of Your Spirit across this nation that even the most stubborn and hardest of hearts will melt in the presence of Your love. Awaken them to the reality of Your coming Lord Jesus! Use me now Lord as I pray in the Spirit for an awakening unto You . . .

In all those in authority

In families

In the young people of our nation

In our government

In our military

In our schools

We believe we receive! In Jesus’ Name!

Scripture References:
Ephesians 1:18; Isaiah 42:16; Matthew 9:38


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This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of resources available to the Body of Christ. As with many materials that contain valuable and insightful teachings, there will be elements within the teaching that must be read with discernment and wisdom.

Several of these are available at our Word Works bookstore at 817-252-5708.