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Revelation to Transition the Church

By June 25, 2024June 27th, 2024Prophecies

“Many have said this is the day and this is the hour of prophecy, that the life of prophecy is speaking into the nation, and these things are true. This is so,” saith the LORD. “For every age that marks a transition of one age to another is not only a result of prophecy, but that transition is carried from one age to the other through the working of prophecy—most particularly under the prophet’s anointing, but not exclusively. 

But there are many aspects of prophecy that are not being thought of as they should be. Yes, there is prophecy that will tell the things to come and that’s a good thing (That’s the earmark of God Himself.). For no one else can predict, with the accuracy that I can, and tell you the things that are to come. Everything that I point to that’s of My Spirit agrees with and is in line with what I’ve already said by the sure Word of prophecy.

But there is another aspect of prophecy that I am requiring of you to pay attention to and to hunger for and to press to because others do not fully recognize it, and I am requiring of you that you step out as a forerunner in these things.”

The Highest Order of Prophecy

“What is that order of prophecy? It is the highest—the highest order of prophecy. Jesus declared that John the Baptist was the greatest prophet of all the old covenant. ‘How can he be the greatest?’ you may ask? Were there great miracles? No, there were not. Was there astounding foretelling of the future? No, there was not. Were the dead raised? No, they were not. But what did he say? What was his revelation that he spoke of? He declared, ‘This is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world. I must decrease. He must increase.’ These were his words of prophecy.

What made them so significant? It was these words that opened the door of the Spirit to transition out of one age and into another. 

The Book of Revelation declares that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. John the Baptist opened a door of revelation to Jesus, Who He was, and made way for the way of the Lord by that revelation. It was by the fact that he ministered it and told the people how to step through that door of revelation, which was, ‘Repent! For the kingdom is at hand.’”

What is That Revelation?

“Jesus took that up in His own ministry and said, ‘Repent! For the kingdom is at hand.’ And He moved on but with a revelation of Himself attached that had never been before.

The ministry of John the Baptist was essential, but it’s the revelation of Jesus that will take us from this age into the next. It’s the revelation of Jesus that will take us out of this, take the Church out of the envelope of this earth and catch us up into the presence of the Lord. It’s a revelation of Jesus that moves us closer and closer and closer to that day, closer and closer and closer to that hour. 

What is that revelation of Jesus? Is it only that one stands and says, ‘Thus saith the Lord?’  That’s fine but the true revelation of Jesus is found in the Scripture. Under the preaching and the teaching anointing of God, Jesus is revealed. Jesus is revealed. It’s revealed to those that don’t know Him. It’s revealed to those that don’t know Him well. It’s revealed to those that need Him as Healer, who need Him as Provider, who need Him as Wisdom, who need Him as Counsel, who need to understand Him, but it is also the revelation of Jesus as the soon-coming King. And it’s in the pages, for I have said in this Word is the more sure Word of prophecy. What other men say may or may not be totally and securely founded in utterance from My Spirit.”

From This Age to the Next

“But you can be assured of what I have said in this Book when you take it. Hunger for it, look to live it and to walk by it. Look by faith to extract from it everything I have to tell you, everything I want to impart to you, and everything I am making yours and you’re responsible for. You can be sure that it will move you to that moment—that moment—it will move you to the twinkling of an eye. It will move you to the catching away of the Church. It will move you to the glorification of your spirit, soul, and body. It will move you into the next age, and it will open your eyes and you will see Jesus.”

~ Word of the Lord through Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons, May 4, 2022 at Eagle Mountain International Church, Fort Worth, Texas