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Speak to the Weather

By January 24, 2012July 19th, 2016Articles, Faith, Prayer

It’s time to remind ourselves of who we are – seated in the heavenlies with Jesus (Eph. 2:6). There lies the seat of authority over all natural things, including the weather. This kind of hot weather pattern is under the curse. We receive the mercies of God over our nation and the grace of God on the Church to do something about it! Even as we have learned to speak to storms, we shall speak to “heat domes” and drought.

The last time we were in serious need of rain in Texas our congregation took it up in prayer, as our Governor asked us to. While praying the Lord gave us a word in prose. But don’t let the format deceive you. Think on each verse below a bit, one by one. Then when your heart is centered on His Name, given to us, speak it out loud with authority and faith. Or speak whatever the Holy Spirit prompts you. But this weather must be changed and faith-filled pray-ers are the ones the Lord will require to do it!

This my Savior,

This Lamb of God,

This Holy One,

This Risen Son is Lord of all the earth.

This my Savior,

Fullness of Love,

The Prince of Peace has come to me,

His grace released through Word.

This my Savior,

Triumphant King,

Included me in victory,

Has given me His Name.

This my Savior,

His might displayed,

God’s glory plan

Bestowed to man,

By faith with Him I reign.

This my Savior,

Gave all Heaven’s keys,

Boldly I say in Jesus’ name

“Let rain be released.”