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Working with the God of Eternity

By April 5, 2022Prophecies

When you sing of the Lord and you sing of His name, and you speak in terms of forever, don’t think of “forever” as some long time ahead destination place.  It’s the embracing of all that I am, and I inhabit all the ages.  I am the God Who inhabits eternity.  For I am never a God Who just was, but I am Who I am.  And I am Who I will be, and I will always be Who I am, saith the Lord. 

I Told You These Days Were Coming

So when you consider the things of this day, when you consider the world in all of its spinning, and all of its turmoil and all of its topsy-turviness, remember that I am forever the One Who sits up on the throne.  And never—never think, never pause, never query, never wonder if I am aware of every detail, of every working, and of the strange things that seem to be happening before your eyes.  Oh, I am so aware.  I’m so aware of them that I warned you of them.  I’m so aware of them that I told you about them; not just days, weeks, and months ago and not just years, but even thousands of years ago, I told you that these days were coming. 

Set Your Faith on Me

I didn’t tell you that these days were coming so that you would fear. I told you so that you would know that I am the One Who holds the ages in His hand.  Set your faith upon Me, the One Who sits upon the throne. I am not disturbed on My throne.  I am not wondering and uncertain on My throne. I am well established in My throne. My throne has been established from before the beginnings of time itself and will far outlast all the ages that are to come. 

So when you think about Me upon My throne, set your faith upon Me—the One Who sits upon the throne, Who rules with the scepter of righteousness in His hand and the crown of glory upon His head. Set your faith and unite yourself with Me, for remember, I have called you to be seated with Me in that throne. 

Seated with Me

I’ve called you to be seated with Me in the place that’s far above all principalities, rule, authority, mights or dominion, whether it’s dominions in the earth or dominions under the earth, or even the angel operations above the earth. I sit high above them all.  My throne is exalted above them all. 

So come up with Me.  Come up with Me.  Come up with Me, saith the Lord, and practice your place with Me.  Practice your place seated with Me in the heavenly places, far above all the beggarly elements of this world. 

Execute My Victory

And when you rise with Me, you sit with Me. You breathe the very air of victory itself.  You breathe the air of My glory, and you see through the eye of victory that I have already won.  Then you can walk out and execute that victory in the world that is around you. 

Let My victory and let the atmosphere of My throne so saturate your being that when you walk out, you carry heaven’s presence in this earth.  You carry heaven’s fresh breath of life, heaven’s fresh breath of answers, of counsel and wisdom, of insight and working knowledge of My kingdom. 

I Will Demonstrate

And I am faithful to those who will set their faith in Me.  I am faithful to those who will call upon My name.  I am faithful to those who set their eyes and their affections on Me, and I will demonstrate My glory.  I will demonstrate heaven.  I will demonstrate by My Spirit that is within you.  I Myself will demonstrate in you, on you, and through you to this dark world that there is a Light in this world, and His name is Jesus.  And there is a light in this world, and it is the Body of the Anointed One.  There is a light in this world and it is the light of His Word.  There is a light in this world, and it is the light and the burning fire of the Holy Spirit. 

We Will Move This Age Along

Together! Together! Together we will move this age along and wrap it up; for I desire for it to be over.  I desire to reach the end so that we can be caught up together in My throne.  We’ll be caught up together in that presence.  We’ll be caught up together and never again to have it interrupted.  But for now, for now I let you know that the door of the heavens, the door of heaven’s atmosphere is opening more and more and more often to you, and when you see that door, step into it.  When you see that door, walk into it.  For I am waiting with the freshness of My glory to embrace you, to fellowship with you, and to impart unto you greater and greater depths and expressions of Myself through you.”

Prophecy given to the body of Christ through Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons
Eagle Mountain International Church
Sunday, April 18, 2021