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Stepping Over

By June 13, 2024June 27th, 2024Prophecies
Stepping Over

“For those who will seek My Word and seek My face in My Word, then I will in turn produce from My Word the things that your heart knows to seek that your mind does not yet see. For I am not a God just of the past. I am God now, and I draw upon the Word that’s within you to express Myself as I will and as I see fit.

Those who have not yielded to My Word, have not fully yielded to all I want to do for them and through them, but those who will give Me their attention, give Me their time, I will take them on journeys in the realm of the Spirit by My Spirit; for My Words are spirit and they are truth. 

I will open your eyes to see the things that are to come. I will open your eyes to show you the plans that I have for you, not only in this hour and in these times of great crisis and pressure, but I long to even show you and declare to you the things that are to come even beyond this age; for the crossover point is in front of us. 

You’re oh so close to stepping over the line out of this realm that you’re in, of flesh and the limitations of this natural world, and to step over into the realm of the Spirit where I am without limitation, without encumbrance—to know Me fully in freedom and to understand more clearly what I have done in you through Jesus, what I will do for you by the Spirit, and what I have created in you by My Word.

Faith-Filled Expectation

So look forward to those times with Me. Look forward to seeking Me from the Scripture, and use your faith expecting; for I do not hide Myself from My children. I give Myself to My children. I make Myself available to those who will simply ask, seek, and knock. I withhold nothing from you,” saith the Lord.

~ Word of the Lord through Terri Copeland Pearsons, August 18, 2023, The Timothy Conference, Toronto, Canada