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A Glory Storm is Coming

By October 24, 2022Prophecies

Prophecy given by Kenneth Copeland, October, 2009.

For the time has come. Glory to be manifest. You remember in My Word, saith the Lord, when the glory was manifest as cloud. Then, in another place, at another time the glory was manifest as rain. Then, in another time, the glory was manifest as fire or lightening. Then, at other times, the glory was manifest as wind. But, there has not been a time yet, but the time is now for the glory to be manifest in all those ways at the same time. Rain is only rain. A cloud is only a cloud. The wind is only the wind. The lightening is only lightening, but when they all come together it is a storm. And a glory storm is coming. Hallelujah!

And the time for it. I told you about it and I told you about it and I told you about it, and now the time has come. It’s happening in different places, but it’s coming together to be manifest to do what it was designed to do. I said in My Word, “They’ll not take root. I will breathe on them and they’ll wither away.” The Babylonian System of man trying to meet his own needs beyond Me and without Me, saith the Lord, is withering away. And those that are attempting to reestablish it and to shore it up and trying to get it to go again will fail and fall at its feet. It’ll not come to pass; not in this country or any other country, saith the Lord.

But I’ll tell you this. The United States of America belongs to Me. It doesn’t belong to the Democratic party. It doesn’t belong to the Republican party. And I’ll tell you something. It doesn’t just belong to all the people. It belongs to My people and I will raise it up! And I have breathed on that system and it’ll not take root. It will wither away. You mark My word. The time is now, and you’ll see it and you’ll say, ‘That’s what the Lord was talking about. That’s what He was saying.’ Yes. And it’ll come to pass in the land of the living.

We’re not done here yet. Don’t quit. Don’t stop. No. There is no power on earth stronger than your faith in God. All the devils of hell put together could not defeat one man, your blood brother—Jesus. Remember there is a man in the Godhead—there’s God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. A man tonight is in the Godhead, hallelujah, representing you. There is no power on this earth that can overcome your faith in God.

So, rise up with a new voice. Rise up with a strength like never before and shake yourself and begin to say, “Glory be to God in the highest. This is only the beginning; not the end. This is the best. This is the top and we’re on our way and we’ll not be defeated, and we’ll not quit and we’ll not lack and we’ll not fall short and we’ll not be diminished and we’ll not be taken away, saith the Lord. We will not. We will not. We are here to stay until God takes us away and nobody else can do it.” Amen.

– Prophecy given to the Body of Christ by Kenneth Copeland at Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks – October, 2009