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A New Level for Believers’ Convention- Billye Brim

By June 30, 2014July 19th, 2016Prophecies

SWBC 2002 Word through Billye Brim

download-61-150x150A New Level for Believers’ Convention 

Believers’ Conventions have taken on a new dimension with this one. And have moved into a new realm and upon a higher plane. They will gain in importance from this one. They will be more important than ever. They will not lose nor become less important. They will gain in importance and place in the finishing of the Glorious church and her race. It will be more important than ever that they be held and that they be well attended by believers whom I will draw. For believers must hear things, how to walk the last steps of the way. You will be changed from Glory to Glory, from day to day, from moment to moment. And each convention will be higher and will aspire into a higher glory, and a higher manifestation of God. Believer’s Conventions which were placed in your hearts long ago have attained unto a first phase level.

But now they go unto another level, the conventions themselves. And so I place a stamp of approval upon these conventions. You can walk in the Glory and have things right. You can walk in the Glory and not be afraid. You can walk in the Glory of My Presence, and the plan and purpose will be laid before you. The mind of your spirit, the mind of your soul and the brain of your body will see and know how to walk, how to go, how to be, how to show the life of God that is in thee. You are the temple in which My Glory doth dwell. You are the temple in which My Glory doth swell. Where you go in the darkness of this hour you will shine and glow with My Glory and My Power. You have heard it said, but now will believe it and the Believer’s Conventions will help you to see it, to believe it, to receive it, and to be it, the Manifestation of the Glory of God.