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A Very Present Help Testimony

By January 24, 2012July 19th, 2016Articles, Testimony

A Testimony from Iva Bennett
( team member and Minister at Eagle Mountain Church)

“My sisters name is Lenora Johnson. She lives in Pleasant Grove, Alabama – one of the areas hardest hit by the storms. Lenora heard what she though was a train and ordered her children to go in the basement and wait for her. She went outside on her balcony to see what was causing this noise. The roaring she heard was not a train, but instead a large tornado headed for her neighborhood. At that moment she began to call on the name Jesus, plead the Blood, and speak to that tornado. My sister said she stayed on the balcony speaking to the tornado until it suddenly changed course. The tornado struck surrounding houses in her cul-de-sac and filled the air with debris. Her house remained untouched except for the debris in her yard. Praise God, He is a very present help in time of trouble”

Wanting to help those affected by the storms in Alabama? Eagle Mountain International Church has a relief fund set up to help aid relief efforts underway in Alabama. A team was dispatched on Saturday April, 30 with $10,000 in Walmart Giftcards to Victory Christian Fellowship in Adamsville, Alabama to assist congregation members affected by the storm. Click Here to donate to the EMIC Relief Fund.