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Caught Up in Glory

By July 11, 2023Prophecies

There’s not been enough attention paid to the connection between times of refreshing in the Spirit and the coming of the Lord. You can always tell what the will of God is by looking at how the world is, and My answer to it is always directly opposite.

So, while the world is pressing and oppressing and pressing and oppressing, and darker and worse and harder, it’s a thief. It’s a robber. It comes to steal. It comes to kill. It comes to take away every part and form in your life that it can steal away from you.

But in Me, says the Lord, I am the One Who comes to supply. I come to give. I come to equip. I come to make you ready. And My coming is a time of astounding joy. Astounding refreshments. Astounding revelation. Astounding capabilities.

The astoundingness of My Glory to increase and increase and increase, for the Rapture you see is not how you have imagined.

The Rapture

But the Rapture is a swallowing up. A being swallowed up by the ever-increasing intensities of My Glory. So as you watch and you seize opportunity to participate and drink from the deep and wonderous wells of your salvation, the waters will rise and rise and rise until the moment comes when you are swallowed up by that which you have swallowed.

Your Light Will Call Others

And it will make you more noticeable. I’ll draw attention to Myself in you because you will be My blinking sign to a dying, sick, thirsty, and increasing desperate world. They will see the light. They’ll see the life. They’ll see the likeness that you are experiencing in Me. And some will find it strange because it’s so foreign to have light in a dark place.

But your light, your walk will be the call. It will be the call: “Come. Come.” Even as Jesus stood and said, “Come to Me everyone who is thirsty. Come to Me and I will give you drink.” So be the light. Be light in your step and joy in your song, and look for Me to shine on your face and I will draw all men unto Me.

– Word of the Lord through Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons, Kenneth Copeland Bible College, Monday, September 14, 2021