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Come Unto Me

By January 15, 2024Prophecies

Pastor Terri: “From of old I set before My people a choice. Always a choice. To choose life and blessing or to follow your own way which is to choose death and, consequently, the curse. 

Choose the Path to More

There’s always a path to higher places in Me. There’s always a path to higher blessing. Some seek The BLESSING but apart from Me, and that will never work.

But I set before you as individuals, and I set before you as a congregation this day, this day, a day for you to choose. A day for you to say, ‘More, more, more, Lord, more. More of You, More of Your ways, more of Your Word, more of Your Spirit, more of Your life, more of Your blessing, Lord, but more, more, more, more of You.’ 

Let Go of Your Ways

And to have more of Me, says the Lord, is to release more and more of yourself, to release and let go of yourself and your own ways. To seek Me by My Word and by My Spirit for ways to release, to be released, and to let go of your own life and your own ways, your own thoughts, your own plans.

Things that seem to have worked in the past will not stand up to the fire and the trials of this day.  They will not. I warn you. They will not.

But I am providing for those who will seek Me to be the Shelter, to be the Secret Place—to join Me in the hiding place of My Glory. 

Let Go of the Flesh

But you must let go of the ways of the flesh, the thoughts of selfishness, the thoughts of your own self—self-awareness—but to press to know Me more and more and more. 

Come Up and Abide

Even today I set before you life and blessing. Even today I set before you an opportunity.

I’m saying to you, “Come up. Come up. Come up. Come up and sit with Me. Come up! Come up. Come up and I will show you the things that are to come. Come up and sit with Me where the blessings of the heavenly realm are abounding more and more, more and more.” 

Desire More of Me

Pastor George: “More and more and more—more of Me you will see. More of Me you will experience. If you want it, I’ll give it. If you hunger for it, I’ll show it. If you desire it, I’m there for you.

All that you have not seen before I will show you and reveal and all the things that you strip away from your lives will make you lighter and lighter, and brighter and brighter and more brilliant to shine—and give Me the opportunity to show you Who I AM.”

– Prophecy given to the Body of Christ through Pastors George and Terri Pearsons

Eagle Mountain International Church, Sunday, November 26, 2023