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The Voice of the Commander

By January 1, 2024January 22nd, 2024Prophecies

Listen, listen, listen, I say, to the voice of the Commander. These are the beginning days of the war of the Spirit. These are the beginning days, the days that I have waited for, the days that I have been in preparation for, the days that heaven has been in preparation for, and know it or not, the days that the earth has been in preparation for.

Everything Must Change

In the days of war, and in the beginning times of war, everything must change. Your eyes must change, your ears must change, your thoughts must change, and oh, your ways must change.

Think back to the things that you have seen. Think back to the things that you have heard. Think back to the days that have been talked about and shown, even in television, in movies, the days of the great World War II.  Think back of the days and the manners in which men and women began to live their lives. Nothing mattered, nothing mattered, nothing mattered but the war that was at hand, and winning it.

To Win the War

Nothing mattered. Nothing mattered. Nothing mattered but the war at hand—and winning it. Winning it was everything because winning it meant life. Winning it meant life or death, not only for those that were fighting, but for those that could not fight for themselves. 

Ha, I have a weapon, saith the Lord. I have a weapon, saith the Lord, and it’s a weapon that’s been hid. It’s been a weapon that been hid, oh, from the foundation of the world. And though it has been revealed in My Word, and though men have seen from time to time, and caught sight of it, and though they have understood and known that there was something there, actually how to use it, actually how to employ it, actually how to use this weapon, they have not understood. But only a man here, a man there, a woman here, a woman there, just enough to keep it alive.

The Release of Power

But I’m telling you, that that weapon is Christ. Christ, the Anointed One, the Risen One, in you, in you, in you. And this is the day of the release of My weapon, this is the day of the release of the resurrection power of Jesus, in the Church of Jesus, the Anointed One.

So, from this moment forward, now listen and pay attention to the voice of your Commander. Pay attention. Pay attention. Pay attention. Give your ear and make it the ear of faith, cause your eyes to be eyes of faith, cause your heart to be a heart of faith that listens, receives, and obeys.

I will empower you.  I will strengthen you.  I will harden you to difficulties, and I will make you be the son of the Most High that I have chosen and called and predestined for you to be. It is My plan, it is My will, it is My way, and I will have My way.  I will have My way.

So, when you come to this place, you come ready. You come knowing that you must come to this place. For it is in this place that I give My orders to you as a group. It is in this place that I give My commands. It is in this place that strategies are revealed. It is in this place that you are trained, that you might go forth and do all that I have commanded that you should do. (tongues) Thank you Lord.  Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Communication in Code

Another thing that you must realize in times of war is that the majority of communication is done in code. It is of utmost importance that the enemy not be aware of what you are doing until you’ve done it. What is the code? What is the code of the Spirit? It is the ear, and of the voice of faith. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. 

There will be times when things will be said that seem no different than when they were said before, but, oh, the ear of faith hears, the ear of faith knows, the heart of faith receives, the heart of faith obeys and takes every word that’s said more seriously.

This is no time for slothfulness. This is no time for sloppiness. This is no time for carelessness because carelessness is costly. Hallelujah. Guard your mouth, guard your heart with ALL diligence, for out of it will flow the issues and the forces of life.

Give Life

This is not about saving your life; this is about giving your life. This is about producing life, this is about reproducing life, the life and the nature of God to a place and a potential and a power like this earth has never seen, and on a scale and a scope that this earth has never experienced.  Thank you, Lord Jesus.

~ Word of the Lord through Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons, Sunday, May 17, 1998 at 10 a.m., Eagle Mountain International Church, Fort Worth, Texas