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Taking Your Authority

By December 30, 2023January 15th, 2024Prophecies

Prophecy by Kenneth Copeland, August 31, 1984: For you see in the Garden of Eden when I called Adam to his work, I had already allocated to his life all that it would ever take for him to be enormously successful. And when I called you into your ministry, then I set aside, before I ever called you, more, much more, than it would take for your ministry to be successful. I’ve already set it aside, but your words and your lifestyle have been stout against Me. Your motivations have been stout against Me and I have not been able to cause the floodtide flow to come supernaturally by My Spirit. And you’ve been just getting by on the beggarly elements of the world. I am looking for the remnant of My people that their motivation is to cause healing to come into this earth and deliverance to be in the land of My people and deliverance to be in the Body of Christ and deliverance to be in the streets and are willing to go do what I tell them to do.

And in this time of shaking, when the shaking is over with those that are standing on My Word and standing on My healing power and standing on My motivations will be standing there with it all and there will be great gnashing and the biting of the tongue. But it shall be like the time of old with the talents. It makes everyone mad when I give the fellow that has ten, ten more. But the man that has ten, I’m going to give him ten more, it’s My money and I’ll do with it what I please, saith the Lord God of hosts.

Into Vast Battle Array

By My Spirit, saith the Lord, I am going from village to village, from city to city, from nation to nation, from town to town. I’m going from shore to shore, and from mountain top to valley seeking out and recruiting an army. I’m looking for those that will join with me in forming the most powerful spiritual alma mater in the history of this planet. These are the days of My vengeance, saith God. These are the days of My vengeance to vindicate the blood. These are the days when I will come down on darkness with all the weight and the power that light has to thrust.

I am ready to throw the Body of Christ into vast battle array into the face of darkness and cripple the demons of darkness and cause them to crawl on their belly at the feet of the Body of Christ. Once this occurs the devil will never rise to his feet again until after the catching away of the Church. I Am, and I will, I have said it, and I will accomplish it, saith the Lord. I will have a glorious Church and the gates and authority of hell will not prevail against it. It will not prevail against it.


I’m calling people from every walk of life. I’m calling on people to do things that I’ve not called on people to do before. Do you not remember in my Word where I said to the man Ananias that I sent to pray and to minister to Paul? I have shown this man what he must suffer for My Name’s sake. I’ve never asked anybody to go to war without knowing the price of the conflict. And he agreed and together we established the fact that the New Covenant would work for Gentile or Jew in the face of darkness and that it would stand and having done all the covenant would stand against all that would come against it.

I am the great I Am, saith the Lord. My day and My hour have come. When My day and My hour came to be baptized in water, no man could stop me. When My hour came to be born in a manger, no devil could stop me. When My hour came Herod and all of his troops could not stop what was happening in the earth. It is no different now. I have chosen this hour and I have chosen this generation to be the generation that shall stand in great light and in great power. And while the devil creates a whirlwind here and a whirlwind there and a storm here and a storm there, they will not have any impact or any effect on My plan and what I am doing with this army that I am building.

Great Victories at Hand

There’s a number in this army that have been training for years. A number of you that have been training and you have been involved in small skirmishes here and there and the other place and some of you feel as though you are battle scarred veterans. Oh, you have no concept of the victory that is in store for you. You have in your wildest dreams no concept of what I’m going to allow to come to you in victory over darkness and over sin and over sickness and over demons and over fear. As in the days of my earthly ministry when there were men that came back to Me and said, “Lord even the devils are subject to us in Your Name.” I said, “Rejoice for your names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.” Even the great things that they saw will only be child’s play compared to the miraculous that shall occur in these days and has even already begun and is in its lite stages now.

Glories Revealed

Don’t look and say, “Oh, it’s gonna happen one of these days.” It’s already happening. I’m uncovering revelation after revelation. I promised you that it would all be uncovered by the time this is done, and I’m uncovering it on the left hand and I’m uncovering it on the right hand. And I’m uncovering it on the front, and I’m uncovering it in the rear. I am uncovering the glories of My kingdom and I haven’t even begun to give revelation. All of you that are operating on the highest level of spiritual revelation in this hour are still relatively ignorant compared to what is left for you to gain. And within very few days you will turn and you will look back and you will say, “How small and insignificant was the knowledge that we had in that hour. How did we ever get by on knowing so little.” For these are the days of the greatest revelations of all.

Co-Laborers with Him

In the future, out in the distance ages that you know nothing of, I’ll give you a glimpse of what it shall be like. Never again, never in any age, never in the future again will there be the likes of you. You’ll walk in the streets of the cities of the planets and the stars. I built the universe for you and you’ll travel it with me. And all of those that shall be born in the future and all of the years to come as natural men and natural women populate the stars and they’ll say to one another, “There comes one of the kings. There comes one of the special ones. There comes the image of the Master. Oh, would that we had lived in that age. They are so special. They get the best of everything. Their Father keeps them in His bosom. Oh, we have it blessed and we have it good, but it’s because of them. They walk in the glory realm. They walk in the light realm. We have joy, they have ecstasy.”

Never, never will there be any more like you. You fought and stood with Me. We have come through this thing together as co-laborers and you stood and believed when you could not see. And you stood and believed when all the forces of evil were against you. You stand at mid-life at 40, 50, 60 years old and face an enemy that’s 1,000 of years old and you face him in faith, and you face him in power, and you face him without flinching, and you face him without turning, and I will never forget it, saith the Lord, throughout the time that eternity shall roll. You’ve been pitted against the most evil system that has ever existed in the history of all existence and where others have failed, you have stood.

The Most Powerful Healing Revival

I’ll never forget it as long as eternity rolls. And the down payment of My eternal memory, the down payment on My appreciation, the down payment on what I am to do through the ages is going to be expressed to you in the most powerful healing revival that’s ever hit the earth and it’s your hands I’m gonna use. And it’s your mouth I’m gonna use. And it’s your feet I’m gonna use. It’s your money that I’m gonna use. It’s your family I’m gonna use and there are many of you tonight that have children out on the streets and you don’t even know where they are, and I’m gonna go get them and I’m gonna bring them into the kingdom and I’m gonna baptize them in the Holy Ghost and I’m gonna use them in the greatest healing outpouring in the history of the human race. I created the smith that blows the coals, I created the waster that destroys and I can handle him. I have handled him before and I’ll handle him again and I will tell him in your presence, you. many of you, will hear it with your audible ear and see with your audible eye as I move in on the scene and tell the devil in your presence, “Bow your knee.”

Financial Deliverance

The time, the time of your financial deliverance has come. I am shaking the nations, and I’m shaking the silver and gold, the jewels and all of those things that are Mine that Satan has stolen and buried and hidden and keep away, I’m shaking them into the hands of My people. And I’ll not stop and nor be satisfied until My people are blessed double for the shame that they’ve been through. These are My days, saith the Lord. These are the days of My vengeance. I’m coming down on darkness hard. But anytime that I do this I must warn you and take heed to what My servant is telling you tonight. When I come down on darkness it will be swift, it will be hard so don’t be carrying darkness in your life when it happens. You walk in the light as I am in the light. And what comes down on them hard will lift you up.

Holiness—A Two-Edged Sword

When Egypt experienced the death of the firstborn it was a long night of mourning and darkness and death to those that walked against me and lifted their hand against My people. But those that walk in the light as I was in the light, those that put the blood over the door, those that have their loins girt and their lamps lite, those that had taken of that Passover Lamb and had consumed it, those instead of walking in darkness there was light in every household of Goshen. And as the power of the living God came, the power that brought death on one side brought life on the other side. Holiness is a two-edged sword. The power that causes you to be holy is the power that destroys sin. And as the mighty blade of holiness swings in your life to destroy sin and keep you protected and keep you well from sin, sickness, demons and fear; if you don’t turn loose of the sin, the same power will destroy you.

Spirit-Led Priorities

I’m coming down swiftly and I’m coming down hard. Be very cautious with your priorities. Give Me the opportunity to show you what is most important and what is least important. Be very careful to walk and to know and to deal with and think about eternal things, rather than little things that don’t mean much in the total scope and outcome for we are at war. And even though we win I don’t want you to lose a single battle. Even though I’m gonna win the war, you could lose a battle and be injured and hurt. I would that none of you lose a single battle for you’re winners. You are born of Me. You’re bone of My bone and you’re flesh of My flesh. You’re spirit of My Spirit and you’re mind of My mind, and I have been made wisdom unto you by Almighty God the Father.

And so I speak this unto you tonight and I say unto those that are spiritually wise. Be wiser. Take the Word. Take it desperately. Go deeper into My Word; those of you that have always been sticklers for the Word become a greater stickler still. Pay close and particular attention to your prayer life. I need you more now than I have ever needed you in your life. I need you to listen to Me when I tell you to rally around My servants and hold up their arms. I need you. I need you ready and prepared in the middle of the night. There’s been a lot of times I wouldn’t call on you because I wouldn’t disturb your rest, but those days are gone. I’m gonna disturb your rest and certain sacrifices have to be made.

Walking in Resurrection Power

But for every one step you take because I call you, I’ll give you two steps of joy. And I will repay and I will repay in fold, after fold, after fold. And you’ll know My grace, My power, My work, My Name, My Son, My life, My Spirit, My ways, My pathway, My earth and My heavens and you’ll soon know me as the Resurrection.

For I’ll begin to give you insight and glimpses into the great resurrection. Now I’ll begin to show you resurrection power. The prayer that the Apostle Paul prayed for himself is beginning to come to pass in this day and in this hour and in this century, and you’ll be the ones that will walk in the power of My resurrection. You’re gonna know resurrection power. You are the generation that will see My resurrection power replace limbs and parts of the human body right in front of your eyes without even having had to touch them. You’re a little bit behind on this. I planned to already do this and you haven’t let Me. But I’m about to do it. As My people will rise up and preach the Gospel and heal the sick and raise the dead, I will go with you and I will work with you, confirming your words and your actions with signs and wonders following. I’ll do signs and wonders. I will bring the second chapter of Acts alive in your life. And where you go there’ll be fire and there’ll be vapor of smoke. And there’ll be signs in the heavens above and in the earth beneath.

Days of Vengeance

And there will be people that will point to you and some will point the finger of scorn and before they have opportunity to lay their lip behind their finger of scorn, I’ll strike it down. There are pastors and leaders of nations who will learn very soon that it is not the thing to do to speak forth words scorn, words of degradation and words of hurt and ill towards My people; I have put up with that, said God, as long as I’m going to put up with it. These are the days of My vengeance, saith the Lord. Men and women will fall in the pulpits of nations. Men and women will fall in the political houses of governments trying to make decisions to keep My ministries out and bring hurt and ill on My people. And even as they pass their demonic laws, they’ll fall in their tracks. Some of them paralyzed. Some of them only momentarily. Some of them dead. Some of them without their minds intact for time to come as Nebuchadnezzar of old. I’ve been warning them for years. I have taken the time to tell them. I have sent them My children and they’ve killed them. I have sent them My prophets and they’ve stoned them. I have sent them My Son and they killed Him.

The Time of the End is At Hand

The day and the hour is coming when I’ll remove their candlestick from its place and there are some churches in this land when I remove their candlestick from its place it will never function again. For the time of the end is at hand. And I am the Lord God and blessed are they whose God is the Lord for it is His hour of vengeance and He will take His pleasure in the prospering of His servants. So rise and give praise to the Lord. Rise and give praise to the Lord and know in this hour that the Lord thy God is God Almighty. Praise be unto His Name forever. Hallelujah.

– Prophecy given to the Body of Christ by Kenneth Copeland at the 1984 Southwest Believers’ Convention, Fort Worth, Texas, Friday morning, August 31, 1984.