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God Sees You

By January 31, 2019March 9th, 2022Prophecies

I’ve Seen You

There are wise men who recognize and acknowledge and see what the Lord is doing in these days and in these times, but these days and these times are no surprise to Me, saith the Lord.  For I am the God who has declared the end from the beginning. I have seen and looked down  the Halls of Eternity and I see, I see all past creation. I saw through all the ages of time and I saw all the way through to the end of this age and all the ages that are yet to come. I’ve seen them all. I know them all and from the beginning My Word has been Light and let Light be. And in that Word that I spoke and in that declaration that I made, I saw Life and I saw Light. I saw all of creation and I saw how it would unfold and I saw it all the way through to the re-creation of the universe that is yet to come. But even as I have seen through the days and the hours of time, don’t forget that I also with My eye, I have seen you.

I’ve seen you. I’ve seen every moment, I’ve seen every moment of time that I have planned for you, and I also saw every moment of time that was a departure from My plan. My plan for you is for good, never for evil. My plan is for you to have a positive and a glorious outcome. Even in spite of the days, the hours, or the moments of time that were not My plan for you. I’ve seen it all. I’ve been there with you through it all. 

And in the moment that you call upon Me, I am already there and it is My heart. It’s My will. It’s My ability to always move you back in line with My plan. No matter how far away you think you are, I am able, I am willing, and it is My desire to put you back on course, to move you back in line with the outcome that I see for you, which is a glorious outcome. My desire for you is not just an end result, but the end result for every moment, the end result of every hour, the end result of every day, every week, month, years, and the ages to come.

My desire for you is one of great glory and divine splendor, one of walking and talking and merging My very glory and life mingled in with yours. This is My plan, so set your faith, set your determination, set your desires on the things that are above. Set your affections on the things that are above. Go into this year with a plan, with determination and with deep conviction and commitment that this is the year. This is the hour that I step forward into the plan of God on a level I have never experienced before, in a way I have never known before.

Ah, (tongues) and refuse, be stalwart in your convictions that I will not be moved. I will not be swayed and should at any moment I find myself off the line that God has laid out for me to walk. If for any, at any time that I see that I am not where He wants me to be, then I will adjust myself and I will press in. I will yield more. I will be. I will be more determined in my heart in my mind. I will. I will engage my body. I will engage my finances. I will engage my family. I will engage my time. I will engage my priorities to always be those things that seek Him and please Him

And when you make that decision, you make that consecration and you by faith walk it out, then the veil that has been over your house, that has kept you from seeing fully what you know belongs to you. The veil that has kept you from knowing what you need to know, held you back from doing what you know to do—that veil will lift and lift and lift and your eyes will see, your eyes will see even over into the age that is to come. And by faith you will, you will take and experience the things of My Glory that I have for you. 

And this congregation will be known as a people separated, set apart unto holiness, unto Him, but also known as the congregation upon whom the Blessing of the Lord is manifest, and at work not only in you, but through you.

This would be My pleasure, saith the Lord. This would be My way, saith the Lord. This is My time and if you will join and hook up with Me, then this will be your time, and together, together, we will walk out the remaining days and hours of this age in the glory and the fullness of the redemption work that was begun and finished through Jesus. Hallelujah. Lord, we praise You. We praise You. We praise You.

So we do that. Jesus, we commit ourselves right now. We commit ourselves to that life to be holy. You know, there are things that we just need to lay aside. We all have done it. We just say, “Well, it’s only a sin.” Then we start justifying things and deciding those aren’t sin and we get all caught up in it—when it must be about what pleases Him, what advances my faith, what advances me in the Kingdom, what advances me in His ability to use me. There are things that you just have to lay aside because they don’t advance you and they won’t. They’re spiritual weights, they’re spiritual drains. The world is getting darker and with the pressure against the world, it’s trying to come apart.

We have to be more set up, more qualified, more ready for the power of God. Brother Hagin said, “We saw such fabulous things in the forties, in the fifties.” He said, “Such phenomenal things—not only in healing but in signs and the moving of the Spirit. Why aren’t those things happening now? We want to blame God or say, Why isn’t God moving that way?” And he said, “You know, we lived holier lives than people do now. We just didn’t do things unless we knew they would advance us in the Kingdom.” 

Now, Holy Spirit will show us what it is. But you have got to come to the point in your own place with the Lord and decide what are you willing to cut off? Teenagers, what are you willing to cut off? What are you willing to lay aside to have Him, to have Him? What’s it worth to you? We know what you were worth to Him. We thank You Lord for Your Word. Thank You, Lord, In this place of consecration, we let the Word that we hear today correct us and change us. 

~ Word of the Lord through Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons, Sunday, December 30, 2018 at Eagle Mountain International Church, Fort Worth, Texas