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Israel Prayer Points

By July 21, 2014July 19th, 2016Israel, Updates


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July 19, 2014


I write to you from Washington DC preparing for the most important CUFI Summit and DFZ Prayer Conference to be held in support of Israel and the Jewish people. Israeli ground troops and tanks have entered Gaza as day 11 of Operation Protective Edge continues. As missiles rain down upon the covenant land, IDF ground troops are searching for terrorist tunnels and rocket launchers in order to defend their nation against these vicious attacks. Hamas has fired over 1300 missiles at Israel cities over the past 11 days and 21 terrorist tunnels have been identified to be suppliers of arms, missiles, and terrorist’s intent on committing murder in Israeli Jewish communities and cities.

In order to fully understand the terror Israelis face every day, please download the “Red Alert’ application on your SMART phone. It will alert you every time a missile is launched against an Israeli city and you will be able to pray for the missile’s destruction and protection for those in its path.

Red Alert App:

Read more here:

Terror Tunnels:,7340,L-4545757,00.html

In addition, rallies for Israel and protests from others have occurred throughout the globe and dangerous altercations have caused injuries. Your prayer assignments from the Lord are critical, strategic, and tactical as we take authority over the powers and principalities impacting Israel and the global Jewish communities. As a special operations prayer force, we need your prayer supply covering not only Israel and Jewish communities, but also for another front line of defense, the Christians United For Israel 2014 Summit.

Battle lines are drawn. Please agree with me to pray for:

  • Protection over all IDF forces, Israeli leadership, and authorities.
  • The covenant land: air, land, sea, and underground.
  • Perfect operation of Iron Dome, both in accuracy and in landing remains in open fields, harming no one.
  • That Israeli leadership will operate in divine discernment, the wisdom of Solomon, and the courage of David.
  • Every evil scheme will be exposed and aborted in advance of causing harm.
  • The CUFI Summit and DFZ Prayer Conference will be successful in every detail and all attendees will hear and know their divine call in support of Israel.
  • All CUFI and DFZ speakers will prosper in safe travels, health, and a Word in due season for all attendees.
  • Special protection over the event: no protesting, no infiltration, and all evil schemes will be exposed and aborted in advance of causing harm.
  • The health, welfare, and provision of CUFI’s leadership: Pastors John and Diana Hagee, David Brog and Shari Dollinger, the executive board, regional and state leaders.
  • CUFI on Campus, our frontline college students and their mission on today’s college campuses.
  • The growth of CUFI, DFZ, and CUFI on Campus.

Thank you for your faithful prayers, love and support for Israel

Psalms 83, 91, 121-122; Isaiah 54:17; Luke 12:2-3,  Psalm 141:9-10, Deuteronomy 28:7.

Love and blessings,

Lynne Hammond, National Director

Daughters For Zion