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Lifting Others into the Light

By January 9, 2019March 9th, 2022Prophecies

Tongues and Interpretation

Lifting Others Into the Light Through Intercession

Press In and Move Forward

Hannah: (Tongues)

Pastor Terri: So, so many times it’s a journey that’s set before you, but My people have seen a victory, and they’ve stepped back and rested in that, when there is much, much more to be taken. And so the time for pressing in and moving forward—shout a little, dance a little, declare a little—but take up then your armor and move forward.

Hannah: (Tongues) 

Stand in the Gap, and Don’t Let Go

Pastor Terri: My heart longs, My heart calls, My heart yearns for those who have no intercessor, who have no one to step in the place for them. Who have no one to take them by the hand and lead them upward by the activity and the working of My Spirit. So, don’t let go. When you let go, you’ve let go of their hand. When you let go, you’ve let go of their souls—so don’t let go, but hear My heart. Hear My cry. Take their hand and lead them and hold them until they too can stand before My throne. 

Hannah: (Tongues) 

Their Eyes Will Be Opened

Pastor Terri: So, even the hardest, the meanest, the most cruel, the most deceived and vicious of those among you—even they can have their eyes opened. Even they can have Light to shine upon their souls. Those who have been blinded and cursed with darkness, even they can have Light enter and dawn upon them. And when it does, they will be so quick to respond, so quick to cry out and say, “Oh my God, I…” and begin to sorrow and to weep for the days and the hours and the years that the locust has taken from them and destroyed.   

Hannah: (Tongues) 

Your Prayers Will Reveal His Love and Mercy

Pastor Terri: But you, when you step in, when you step over, with one foot in the land of darkness and one foot in the land of light, and you take hold of them, it’s not enough for them to just see that there is light. They must understand that by My Love they are worthy to walk in that light. They are worthy to be called before My throne, not because of their deeds of darkness but because of the deeds of light of My Son. 

And as you take hold of them and you lift them, their heads will lift up. In fact, I see something there. There are so many who ask, “Why are they so angry?” It’s because they have seen some insights of the Light and thought that they could not have it. Thought that it would not belong to them, so they are angry. And they are angry and they shake their fists at God. 

You, through your prayers, will show them it’s My Love and My Mercy that reaches them and lifts them up into the glory of My Presence.

~ Word of the Lord through Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons, Friday, October 19, 2018 at Autumn Assembly of Prayer, Branson, Missouri