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One Thing is Needful

By March 14, 2022March 15th, 2022Articles, Prayer

Control. It’s what everyone longs for. There must be a way to control the balance between home, children, work and play. But there are so many demands from everyone and everything. And after all, aren’t good Christians who walk in love supposed to “be there” for those who need them? Spouses, parents, children, employers, employees, the church, friends, neighbors and so on. Even those quietly alone are often faced with the pressure of needing to make changes in their not-busy-enough lives. There are just more demands on each of us than we care to count, and each one is screaming to claim the title of No. 1 Priority.

I’m sure you identify with this overwhelming picture, but you also know I won’t leave you in that condition! The truth is, there is a way. With all the elements of our lives, it would seem that the answer must be complicated. But leave it to Jesus to make it simple. He understands us so well.

In Luke 10:42, Jesus said to Martha, “But one thing is needful.” One? Just one? Just one. And that one thing is to sit in the presence of the Lord. Everything the Lord requires of us begins there.

It’s actually very simple, but often not so easy. We are so compelled to go and do, even in the things God requires of us. We think we aren’t pleasing Him or anyone else unless we are doing. But the doing becomes confusing when we do not first and last spend time in the presence of the Lord.

Spend time praying in tongues each day. It’s a sweet way to wait in the presence of the Lord. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than waiting in prayer. Allow Him to speak to you through His Word. Let His Spirit imprint you so that you daily take on more of His nature, wisdom and ability.

Bring Him the issues of your life. In Philippians 1:10 (The Amplified Bible) Paul prayed “that you may surely learn to sense what is vital, and approve and prize what is excellent and of real value….”

One thing is needful. One thing is vital. And that is time with Jesus. That is what is of real value. Not just in the morning, but all throughout the day. With every new demand, with each decision we face, we must reflect back to Him. What has He told us? If we are uncertain, then we must run back to Him until we’ve heard what the Master has to say.

It may seem that this just isn’t enough to bring you the control of your life that you so long for. But it is. After all, He is God—and you’re not. He will not compete with you, but He will wait for you.

Begin now, before another day slips by. Get your Bible and notepad, find your secret place and do the one needful thing.