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Strategies Driven by the Love of God

By July 8, 2020Articles, Prayer

Some people never know a level of the love of God beyond just not being rejected. But there are places to develop in the love of God that lead to a place where faith is more highly and accurately demonstrated, where faith is more highly and accurately delivered and activated and used. For it’s by the love of God that the wisdom of God flows abundantly, or fluently. There are places, there are rooms, there are strategy rooms in the love of God.

I would love, but I don’t know how. How do I love that person? How can I love in this situation? The only thing I know to do is to just let them talk ugly to me, and not talk back. Have you ever encountered a time when you thought this to yourself? But there are great strategies of love!

In fact, all strategies that are successful in God come because they are driven by love. But these concepts and ideas and philosophies that are born out of the spirit of love have so far been rarely tapped in to, rarely exposed and rarely understood.

But even as there are others who are called to explain and teach and demonstrate faith, there are those who are called to give utterance. Not just utterance of instruction, not just utterance even of demonstration, but utterance accompanied by impartation.

So desire these things, desire these realms and desire understanding of the levels and comprehension of the love of God. The Spirit of God will deliver it in the words you hear. It does not matter what the words seem to be about. Any word anointed of the Holy Spirit is a word of love, and can carry within it an impartation of understanding, wisdom, direction and enlightenment of the love of God, if you will but yet believe and receive.

Terri Copeland Pearsons – EMIC Days of Refreshing Conference Pre-Service Prayer – September 2006