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By January 11, 2016July 19th, 2016Testimony

I so LOVE watching our Faith “kids” living their lives in such victory! Callie Sanders, who’s not really a “kid” (except to me) is studying in Israel. Yesterday she sent us this AMAZING testimony about being untouchable! You gotta read this!

“After doing some shopping after school today, I was walking home like I have done almost everyday since I’ve been here.

The only thing different about today’s walk home, was that I got hit by car while I was going through a crosswalk.

My little green pedestrian light had JUST changed to red, so I had a few seconds before the traffic light turned green. I was already in the street so I continued walking rather than turning around.

And that may have actually been a smart decision (even though it led to my incident) because had I turned around the car that hit me would have hit my right side.

As it was, the car hit my left side which just so happened to be the side that had the most “padding”– my purse was hanging off my left shoulder and my bags in my heft hand.

Everything happened so fast, I actually didn’t realize what had happened until I had landed (yes, I was air born for a second or two) on the pavement and looked up to see the taxi that had thrown me.

Realizing what had just happened, I stood back up, and marched myself across the rest of the street. I turned around to the driver who was apologizing (I think) to me entirely in Hebrew. I told him I was fine and that he could continue on his way. He waved and left.

Not allowing myself to think about what a mess I may have looked like after I just got hit by a car, I finished my walk home and went to the mirror to see the damage done. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my jeans had not torn on the pavement. My (favorite) leather jacket didn’t have any scrapes on it. My glasses had not been cracked, bent or damaged at all.

The only thing that was out of the ordinary was a teensy bit of swelling in my right pinky finger, and a little baby scrape on my left hand (which after a few years of Krav Maga, don’t even come close to counting as “battle scars”). Even my purse and (plastic) shopping bags remained in tact.

I was UNTOUCHED by the incident.

Pastor George, if this story gets around to you… Thank you! Without your shepherding I might never have been taught how to live as an Untouchable.”

— Callie