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A letter from the front.

By July 25, 2014July 19th, 2016Israel, Updates


To our friends…,
For 3 weeks now, we are running to the sheltered area in our home. When a siren is heard, which happens about 2-5 times a day in my village, we have 30 seconds, before we hear the explosions. Thank G-d, those explosions are – in most cases, the sound of our amazing “Iron Dome” missile defense system, which intercepts Hammas rockets in mid-air. Many cities and towns south of us, are less fortunate. In places like Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beer-Sheeba and S’derot, people have 20 seconds or less, and they run terrified to the sheltered area, KNOWING that one of several rockets Hammas fired, will indeed fall right next to them.
Day after day, miracle after miracle. Over 1,300 rockets fired on half of Israel, and very minimal casualties or damage. But the side effect, is severe. Hundreds of Thousands of Israeli families, can not go to work, summer camps are cancelled by the IDF , ( to avoid a possible massive casualty outcome ), and small business are collapsing economically, being closed for days, or open only for few hours each day. Let alone the fear factor…
In small Israeli villages that are close to the fence with Gaza, over a dozen tunnels were found, with a small opening inside our territory. 10, sometimes 15 Hammas terrorists crawl out of those tunnels, hoping to storm one of those villages, and raid them with automatic machine guns. Think of a 5 or 8 year old child, that is told not to leave the house for 24 hours, because the IDF is searching for terrorists in his back yard.. coming out of tunnels.
The atmosphere in Israel is heavy, as we have burried 29 of our men, who went to defend our country in the battle in Gaza that is taking place now. Israelis weep in funerals, soldiers hugging each other, but the spirit is very high. Everyone is united like never before. Everyone reallizes that we have discovered a monster of an enemy, who uses heavily populated areas – using their own people as human shileds, to attack us, and then cry on tv that Israel is hitting innocent civillians. But we are strong, an we beleive the Lord who protects Israel does not sleep nor slumbers, and we see it each day. We will get the job done this time, and we will win, and we will never get tired of the prayer and hope.
Shalom from Israel,
Rani Levy