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Israel 2012 Update-Holocaust Museum

By March 19, 2012July 19th, 2016Israel, Updates

Today we visited Yad Vashem,

The Hollocaust Museum.

Our WONDERFUL guide helped us see the holocaust as the loss of 6million individuals with dreams, hopes and callings-more than I’ve ever grasped before

This map shows the number of Jews living at that time in these countries and the percentage of the population they represent. In some places it was less than .1%. And yet they were considered a major threat to society!

This list, made to aid the top officers in their plans to kill every Jew alive.

The (A) list is countries already captured and the  number of Jews still living.

The (B) list was those to be conquered even if only 200 Jews were there.

They show you books first because the first thing Nazis did was burn all books that had any ideas other than theirs.

Jewish men were told to dig a pit.

This is the opening of the memorial to those 100,000+ Jews who died as part of the resistance fighters.

This deep hole represents the void left by the loss of these 6million lost souls. The world wide population is only now catching up to pre holocaust levels

It was very cold, yet Bro Hagee gave a very heart warming speech as part of a CUFI ceremony to honor those who died during the holocaust.

Yep! We were all cold