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The End Time Move of God

By September 19, 2023Prophecies

Prophecy by Mark Brazee, September 14, 1998: “The best and the greatest days of the Church, the greatest days of the move of God, the greatest days on earth lie just out ahead. Though darkness may grow darker, the light is shining brighter. And for those that walk in the light, there’s no occasion of stumbling.

And the Church is yet to see her finest hour, her most glorious hour. The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former, saith the Lord of hosts. This last house of God, the last days of the last house of God shall be the most glorious ever seen. The most prosperous. The most healthy. The most glorious. Thank You, that the Church is rising up to be the most powerful force this earth has ever seen. And when we check out and leave, they’ll know we’re gone.

Walking in the Supernatural

Father, we thank You that signs and wonders and miracles shall be the calling cards of the Church in these last days. Thank You, Father, miracles shall be on every hand. The supernatural will be natural. Abundance of grace. Abundance of power. Abundance of prosperity in this current hour. We thank You, dear Father, for Your power and Your grace. Thank You, Father, for what You have done, are doing and are yet to do even in this place.

We thank You, dear Father, for Your Word and Your Spirit. Thank You that we have open ears and when He speaks, we are ready to hear it. Creative miracles shall begin to flow. Stepping into a river we’re about to go. Mighty, mighty, mighty wonders, mighty signs. Stepping into Your power ever so divine.

No Need for Fear or Dread

We thank You, dear Father, now for that which lies out ahead. No matter what takes place in the world, for the Church there’s no fear and there’s no need to dread. For there will be a dividing line between the world and the Church. And no matter what happens on the other side, ahead we will surge.

We thank You now for that which is yet will come to be. Thank You, everything You’ve spoken, everything we’ve been believing for now, we step into a realm where we will readily those things see.

Now we thank You, Father for utterance in the Holy Ghost, we thank You in Jesus’ Name. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Power, power in mighty demonstration. Moving of the Holy Ghost. Signs, miracles and the gifts of the Spirit in mighty demonstration.

Acts – the Pattern for the Church

A powerful move to the nations there shall be, and in these days, there are things we’ll see—never wrought before in the presence of man. God’s about to do everything He’s ever done and more.

A move of God that will make everything in the book of Acts look like the beginning, not the end. It’s the pattern for the Church, not just the history of the Church.

Going to the Nations

A move to the nations. A move to the nations. A move to the nations, then shall be the end. A move to the nations and there are many, even that stand in this place that He is about to send.

Some will go back and forth. Some will go and stay.

Some will pick up the fire from this place and then they’ll go and duplicate it in other nations. There are nations and cities across the ocean that a new move of God they will see. Hallelujah.

It always has to start as a seed. Then it will go to the nations where there is ever so much of a need.

Some of the poorest nations in the world will see a great move of prosperity and wealth. Some of the sickest places on earth will see a great outpouring of divine healing and health. Hallelujah. Thank You, Father.

My, my, my, my. Turning the corner. Rounding a corner. Rounding a corner. Rounding a corner. Rounding a corner even in this current time. Rounding a corner into His plan that has been set up from the beginning. His plan so divine. Thank You, Father. My, my, my, my.

Oh, we’ve stepped in. We’re not stepping in. We’re not going to step in, we’ve stepped. We’ve stepped. We’ve stepped. We’ve stepped. We’ve stepped. Now we’re rounding the corner. Things won’t be the way they were. Things won’t be the way they have been.

A Great Acceleration

Things are changing rapidly. Rapidly. Rapidly. Rapidly. Mighty changes, mighty changes. Rapid changes. A great acceleration. We’ve been on an escalator, now we’re stepping in an elevator.

Things are going to start accelerating. Moving faster and faster and faster. What used to take months and years will suddenly take minutes and hours.

Changes, changes, changes, changes, changes. Changes in the very complexion of the Church. A Church with the restoration of the supernatural is what will take place in the next few years.

Bases, bases. Bases must be fully operational by the year 2000 because things are going to explode. Things will explode. Things will explode. Almost difficult even to be told. Oh, my, my, my.

Creative Miracles Commonplace

Creative miracles. Creative miracles. Creative miracles will be commonplace. Creative miracles that will take place by His power and His grace. Limbs will grow where there were no limbs. Organs replaced where medical science had to remove them. Mighty things will take place.

There will be whole sections of people brought in from state institutions and the glory shall come in and hover over their heads. And suddenly multitudes, whole sections of people will shake their head and wonder where they’ve been the last 20 years, brought back instantly by the finger of God.

Times in The Glory

Oh, the glory. The glory. The glory. Coming into days of glory. Coming into weeks of glory. Coming into months of glory. Yeah, even coming into years of glory.

The glory of God will come on places and settle like a cloud. Not just stay for a day or two, but it will settle for days. There will be those that will be brought in by the Spirit of God—walk through the back door and suddenly the power of God will hit them right in the face and they’ll be healed by the power of God.

Healings will take place so frequently and so rapidly we won’t have time to pray for people. Just stepping into the glory, stepping into the glory. We’re going to have churches with sections for wheelchairs and sections for stretchers. The day is coming when the doctors are going to send them to the Church, instead of the churches sending them to the doctors.

You mark My words. You mark My words. All that’s been prayed, all that’s been said, all that’s been spoken, all that’s been shown has been reserved for this last day. And we’re not looking for it. We’re not waiting for it. We’ve got one foot in already. What a day! What a day! What a day! What a day! What a day!

Places to Touch the World

Mighty move to the nations. I’m telling you. You mark my words we’ve come to a day when God’s setting up not just simply local churches, but world outreach bases. Places He can touch the world from. This is one. This ministry—my goodness. What’s already been accomplished and done is just amazing, amazing. But it’s just a start. Just a start. What is yet to come, I think it will surprise.”

~ Word of the Lord through Mark Brazee, 30 Days of Glory, Eagle Mountain International Church, September 14, 1998, 10 a.m.