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SWBC 2010 – Pre-Service Prayer Report

By Prayer, Updates

I was talking with my Dad, Kenneth Copeland, a couple of days after the convention. We were both trying to put into words what we sensed. I told him that when I walked into the prayer room Monday evening it was clear we were starting at a different level than in years past. It wasn’t so much that we had grown, but that we had been lifted; in other words this new level was not by our own doing, but by His. He was particularly excited to hear about those of you who had connected with us through the website, Facebook and Twitter. I told him how ready you were to pray and how easy it was. When you saw the prayer alerts and tweets and responded, I knew “you were on it!” I was very aware of your supply. I told him how strongly we sensed that the spirit of prayer was connecting us all, both near and far. Then he said this:

“Your pray-ers are the upper room people. Your praying spilled over into the convention like those in the Upper Room spilled out into the streets of Jerusalem. Without the Upper Room praying there would have been nothing in the city. Gloria and I appreciate what you all have done with all our hearts. We are so grateful!”

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